Who are the Friends of Flight 93?

Friends groups are found at many national parks, raising awareness and appreciation for these special places and helping to provide educational and interpretive resources to enhance the experience for every visitor. Established in 2009, the Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial is the official 501(c)3 non-profit partner of the National Park Service at Flight 93 National Memorial, donations to which are tax-deductible. The Friends focus on awareness, education, volunteer support, preservation and stewardship to ensure that Flight 93 National Memorial will remain accessible, relevant and inspirational to present and future generations.

Our Mission

As Friends of Flight 93, we welcome worldwide all who would join us in honoring the sacrifice and courage of the passengers and crew of Flight 93 by supporting the mission of the Flight 93 National Memorial with volunteers, resources, and civic engagement, so as to inspire all who visit with the Flight 93 story.

What Do the Friends Do?

  • Increase public awareness of Flight 93 National Memorial
  • Sponsor educational programs and events on 9/11 issues
  • Secure grants and donations to fund special projects
  • Care for the National Memorial
  • Support commemorative events
  • Provide volunteers for special projects at the Memorial

Benefits of Membership

  • Invitations to Friends-only activities like our Dark Sky Program, Wall Washing and membership meetings
  • The electronic newsletter, Field Notes, published quarterly
  • Advance notice of upcoming special programs and events like Plant a Tree at Flight 93
  • 15% off in the Visitor Center book store
  • Opportunities to work with others committed to supporting the mission of Flight 93 National Memorial

Most importantly, you will know that your annual contributions ensure that the world will always remember the actions and bravery of the 40 passenger and crew members in preventing the final attack on 9/11.

Join Today

Membership is a simple way to stay connected to Flight 93 National Memorial and to show your support for the Friends' work. The Friends focus on connecting people to the Memorial, creating awareness about Flight 93, educating future generations about the events of September 11, 2001 and caring for this special, historic place. Please join us in supporting Flight 93 National Memorial.

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